The AR4FM (Augmented Reality for Facility Management) project was born with the aim of creating a pioneering software ecosystem, which, using the most modern technologies, supports innovative operations of Facility Management (FM) through Augmented Reality. This visualization will be implemented through the use of mobile and wearable devices.

To overcome the limitation that afflicts GPS localization technology in an indoor environment, several solutions have been created that allow correct positioning both through systems designed ad-hoc and through the adaptation of existing technologies. Available solutions include wireless network fingerprinting (Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi), position extrapolation through inertial sensors (magnetometers, accelerometers, altimeters), positioning through Visual Feature Recognition and localization through passive tags (Passive RFID).

The integration between these technologies acts on different interconnected levels:

1) the first refers to the BIM model of the building understood as a database of passive data;

2) the second one is based on the active data, in real time, deriving from the sensors;

3) the third level aims to make the visualization of this amount of data intuitive and immediate through visualization techniques based on Augmented Reality.

The characteristics of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and Smart Glasses) enhanced through information on indoor location, will allow the maintenance operator to receive and view the data they need in AR mode, enriching the real context with digital information.

Work packages:


Budget of the project: Euro 382.015,84

Duration: 01.06.2018 – 30.11.2020