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New technologies for infrastructure maintenance

AR4FM aims to create a pioneering software ecosystem, which, utilizing the latest technologies, supports innovative operations of Facility Management through Augmented Reality. This visualization will be implemented through the use of mobile and wearable devices.

Wearable devices

The use of wearable devices (Smart Glasses) enhanced through information on indoor location, allows the maintenance operator to receive and view the data they need in augmented reality mode, enriching the real context with digital information. The type of information that the operator can view concerns the static data from the BIM model, and the real time data from the sensors. The characteristics of the hands-free devices also allow maintenance operations to be correctly carried out without any kind of interruption.

Indoor localization

The use of state of the art IoT techniques and instruments allows the correct identification of the operator’s position inside any building. Our study aims to overcome the problems that afflict the most common location systems, primarily GPS, to allow the implementation of complex value-added reasoning systems for the entire process of Facility Management. The use of a correct indoor location system will therefore allow qualitative and quantitative feedback to be sent to the user, extremely targeted in spatial terms, optimizing the entire maintenance process both in terms of time and resources used.


The use of the BIM methodology for Facility Management activities favors a 360-degree control of the work, from a technical, economic and energy point of view, guaranteeing constant awareness of the performance level of the building. The AR4FM project aims to exploit the potential arising from the interoperability between BIM models and FM platforms, specific for maintenance activities, which play a key role in defining an innovative and standardized process for the digitalized management of real estate assets. The benefits are time savings in information search thanks to a centralized digital database, cost reduction through more reliable control systems and better planning of FM services.

Sensor integration

The integration of information from IoT devices is the foundation of the Industry 4.0 concept. The presence of intelligent devices capable of sending and receiving information via the Internet has increased exponentially in sales and availability in both the business and consumer markets. AR4FM has ambitious goals: to offer a single environment for the management, monitoring and maintenance of any type of plant connected to the network. The development of value-added services for predictive management will open new horizons for Facility Managers 4.0, enabling a more effective and tangible quality of property management.

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